Olga Severina is a Ukrainian-born graphic designer and an exhibition curator currently residing in Los Angeles, California. As design director for Kandula, Olga leads the creative direction for the Kandula brand as well as creative needs for our clients and affiliate partners.

Prior to joining Kandula, Olga founded and curated a PosterTerritory initiative that launches socially conscious exhibitions and graphic design events that promote the art of contemporary posters. She is also co-founder of Art-territory.com initiative.

She has authored books and catalogs on the contemporary poster as well as articles for design magazines like NESHAN Graphic Design Magazine and AIGA blogs, where she explores the latest trends in visual expression. She is also a member of and a contributor to many design communities such as WGD, and  AIGA Los Angeles, among others.

As an artist, Olga frequently takes part in international poster competitions and design events that celebrate creative excellence in contemporary graphic arts, where her works have been recognized with various prizes and awards. 

Olga received her Masters and Ph.D in Visual Arts in Ukraine before moving to Los Angeles in 2006. She currently teaches classes at UCLA DMA and serves on a jury for a variety of international poster competitions in Poland, Italy, China, and Iran. 


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